Reverend Merle Lynn Watson

Rev. Lynn was born Lynn Young at the old Red Cross Hospital the fourth of five children to Art and Gwen Young.

Her family home was right across from the present day Beer Store in Bancroft, Ontario.

Her love of church and understanding of the Christian faith came from her Mom; her love of people came from her Dad.

It seemed only fitting that at the age of 12 she felt called into ministry. Like a switchback trail leading up a steep mountain Rev. Lynn’s journey to ministry would take some time and some twists and turns.

Along the way she picked up her most devoted travelling companions: her husband, Glenn, over 37 years and 3 daughters, Jacqui, Janet, and Carrie.

St. Paul’s United Church in Bancroft would be instrumental in the shaping of Lynn’s ministry as were the other churches in the North Hastings area.

She became a candidate for ministry in The United Church of Canada in the Spring of 1999. She attended Queens Theological College and graduated in 2002 having completed studies for a Masters of Divinity and an eight month internship in Windsor Nova Scotia.

She was ordained in May of the same year.

Since her ordination she has served 4 Pastoral Charges from the Ottawa Valley to Calgary and back to Prince Edward County.

In July of 2012 she returned to her hometown to become the minister to the Bancroft-Carlow Pastoral Charge.

“It has been the greatest honour and privilege to share in the ministry of these churches.”

As year six begins Rev. Lynn is excited about the work to which God is calling. Inclusion, forgiveness, and diversity are the hallmarks of a great church…and “I have four of the best!”  says Rev. Lynn.

Join us in our worship and our work…for you can’t have one without the other.