Martin is 10 years old and Martin is messy!

He’s messy when he’s at home

His clothes are messy.

His room is messy and

when he’s eating at the dinner table he’s really messy

His Mom and Dad and his big sister always are saying, “Martin you’re so messy!  From now on we’re going to call you “Messy Martin!’”

Martin is messy when he’s at school!

His desk is messy!

His locker is messy!

His lunch box is messy!

His teachers are always saying, “Martin you’re so messy!  From now on we’re going to call you “Messy Martin!’”

One year Martin’s family were planning on travelling to his Grandma’s for Christmas, and Martin was worried.  His Grandma was really neat!  Everything about her was perfect!

The house was perfect

The dinner table was perfect

The Christmas tree was perfect

Martin was so worried that his Grandma would start calling him, “Messy Martin.”

Martin and his family arrived on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, and Martin was trying really hard to not be messy.

In the evening Messy Martin and his family went to church with Grandma.  It was a big fancy church, with candles and lights and tree boughs.

And Martin was really worried in case he was messy in church, and God started calling him, “Messy Martin.”

Then the minister came out and laid down a great, big sheet of plastic in front of the fancy table with the big candles.

Martin was curious because this looked like it might get Messy.

They sang songs.

Then they listened to a story about a baby being born in a stable because there was no room for him in the motel, and that baby was God!

Wait a minute thought Martin, “Isn’t a stable a messy place

When it came for the children’s time the minister called all the children forward.  He gave each of them a raincoat and safety goggles and told them to stand back.

The minister talked about how a little baby could change the whole world and said it’s kind of like this!  Let’s pretend this bottle of soft drink is the world and this roll of Mentos is the baby Jesus.  What do you think will happen if I put these candies in this bottle of pop?

Martin had seen this before!  He knew things were going to get messy!

Messy Martin volunteered to help the minister with the pop and the candies, and he giggled as the pop exploded way up in the air then all over everyone, even the minister.  It was messy!  It was messy with the children; it even got messy in the front row.

The minister talked about how a baby boy could make such a big mess, and that was how God worked.  “God works in the messes we make,” she said.

The minister then asked the children to pray with her:

Dear God, we thank you for the mess of Christmas.

We thank you that you choose to change the world

With a single messy child.